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Emerald Ash Borer Information


Emerald Ash-Borer

(Courtesy of  USDA Animal & Plant Health Inspection Services) 

  emerald ash borer

 Symptoms and Treatment: Adult Emerald Ash Borer

Although you can’t always spot it, the beetle may live in cut wood such as firewood. You can help stop the beetle by not moving firewood. Moving firewood can spread the beetle, its larvae and its eggs to healthy trees. Burn your firewood where you buy it.

Adult beetles are most active during the summer and early fall. If you see the beetle or any signs of infestation, you need to report it immediately. (Contact your local U.S. Department of Agriculture Office.) During the late summer, fall and winter months, the beetle’s larvae tunnel deep into the trees they infest.

Since the beetle is difficult to spot, you can look for signs of infestation.

*Canopy dieback begins at the top of the tree and progresses throughout the year until the tree is bare.

Canopy dieback

*(Epicormic Shoots: Sprouts grow from roots and trunk.

*Vertical bark splits expose S-shaped galleries beneath the bark.

Bark splitting
*Galleries under the bark reveal the back and forth feeding pattern of the EAB larvae. Adults emerge from D-shaped exit holes.



The following insecticides for professional use have been shown to be effective against the Emerald Ash-Borer either as a soil drench or as a tree injectible.

1. Merit® (75WP, 75WSP, 2F) (Imidacloprid) – Use as soil injection or drench. Mid-fall and/or mid-to late spring. Merit® also is available as a trunk injectible from Tree Tech.  This method is very effective as it uses the tree’s own biology to distribute the insecticide.

2. XytectTM (2F, 75WSP) (Imidacloprid) – Soil injection or drench Mid-fall and/or mid-to late spring.

3. IMA-jet® (Imidacloprid) – Trunk injection Early May to mid-June.

4. Imicide® (Imidacloprid) – Trunk injection Early May to mid-June.

5. TREE-ägeTM (Emamectin benzoate) – Trunk injection Early May to mid-June.

6. Inject-A-Cide B® (Bidrin®) – Trunk injection Early May to mid-June.

*Homeowner Use – Bayer Advanced Tree & Shrub Insect Control -(Imidacloprid) Soil drench – Mid-fall or mid-to late spring.

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