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Why Arborist Rope is Essential for Tree Climbing

Are you shopping for the best prices on tree climbing rope? Are you wondering if arborist grade rope is essential? You may come across lower grade rope that costs less than arborist rope, but there are some essential reasons to stick with arborist grade rope for safe tree climbing.

Arborist cutting tree

Purposeful Design

Climbing up a tree is quite different from climbing up the side of a mountain or sliding down the side of a building for an emergency rescue. It only makes sense that rope used by an arborist is designed specifically for the unique climbing conditions that come into play with trees. For instance, rope designed for use in trees will meet minimum strength requirements,  handle abrasion from tree bark, and have a good hand for ascending yourself into a tree.  Ropes designed for other applications are lacking in these attributes.

Breaking Strength

The minimum required tensile strength for arborist climbing ropes is 5,600 pounds. The tensile strength is important because the rope must support your body weight plus the weight of your chainsaw, saddle and other equipment along with being able to withstand shock loads. Rope stretch is also an important factor to consider; too little stretch and a fall could snap your back;  too much stretch makes it difficult to operate a chainsaw safely.

Heat Resistance

Rope designed for tree climbing is more resistant to heat than many other types of rope. This is important since heat is created when the climbing knot slides by the rope.

Before deciding you want to cut expenses by using a lower grade rope for tree climbing work, ask the following questions of those other ropes:

  • What type of work was the rope designed to handle?
  • How does that intended work compare to tree work?
  • What is the tensile strength of the rope?
  • How resistant is the rope to heat, abrasion, and stretch?

Your safety is in the hands of your rope, so why not stick with an arborist rope that you can trust?

Arborist Safety Equipment From American Arborist Supplies Keeps you up in a Tree Where you Belong

Arborist Safety Equipment

Is there a secret to staying safe while working as an arborist or tree worker? At American Arborist Supplies, we think it comes down to the right equipment. When you buy your arborist safety equipment from our company, you don’t have to think twice about your safety. This leaves you free to just focus on the job at hand.

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Safety is something that you just can’t compromise on when you work with trees. It only takes a moment of carelessness to become seriously injured on the job. Before you purchase your next set of  arborist safety supplies, consider all that American Arborist Supplies has to offer.

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