Black Horse Agreement

Blackhorse`s service is terrible. I do not understand how this company still works. I had problems with a vehicle that I financed by them (dealer used them) and they just don`t seem to have any care in the world. There is no empathy or customer service with them, and if the call doesn`t go there, they get a set and repeat themselves over and over again. On more than one occasion, I had to work for them because they can only read a script. Wouldn`t recommend it to anyone. He came to see a nice lady who tried to help me with a few payments that I had missed because I was fired. My phone died during the conversation, and when I called back, I went to Ross`s house. He wasn`t like the first lady and he talked like he couldn`t be harassed with me. I told him that I wanted to pay these two installments (especially since they are the last ones that remained on my agreement), but I should divide them and pay them little by little until the end of the year, if things return to normal for me. I could pay the rest at the same time.

But he wasn`t at all interested in helping me, only robotically and as if I wasn`t a real person with a problem at the end of the phone. Explaining to someone that you can`t afford to pay all your bills and put food on the table is pretty harsh and embarrassing without being approached with such contempt. People like Ross really shouldn`t be in customer service roles, especially at a time like this, when so many people are struggling with their finances. A little care and compassion is a long way. You never know what someone is going through behind closed doors.