Nasa Pathways Agreement

The Pathways Internship Employment Program (IEP) offers current students leads to federal careers. It aims to provide students enrolled in a large number of educational institutions with paid opportunities to work in agencies and explore federal careers while they were still in school. Students who have successfully completed the program can be converted into appointments or fixed appointments in the public service. If converted into appointments, students can then be converted into a fixed appointment. For more information on the internship program, see: Nasa Stennis Space Center (SSC) Pathways Recent Graduate Policy For more information, see: There is no doubt that questions remain unanswered. This FAQ will continue to grow, but it needs your help. What are your questions? If you`re thinking of something we haven`t responded to, email Pathways Intern Office at Please contact any questions or questions about Pathways programs for students and graduates.

All Pathway interns must complete at least three work tours. The NASA/Johnson Space Center (JSC) Pathways Intern Employment Program (IEP) follows the cooperative Education (Co-op) model – students gain professional experience in engineering, science or business alternately between the semester and the school. An Internal Pathways must sign a NASA/JSC Pathways internal participation agreement that includes: As an intern at NASA, you benefit from several unique aspects of our program, including: The experiences we shared include not only technical learning in the workplace, but also the growth of our academic careers and beyond. Education and public relations. They have the opportunity to encourage younger students to enter university and pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Our students also organize volunteer opportunities in the local community. The scenarios below are proposed, but there are more opportunities for rotation planning.