Victorian Stand Alone Community Health Services Multiple Enterprise Agreement 2018

Most of them are related to the current legislation, which stipulates that workers who have entered into mutant-employer agreements are not able to take anti-work measures, and in the long and laborious process that we have had to follow to avoid this. This means that employers and their representatives feel no pressure to negotiate effectively, because there is virtually nothing that workers can do if they do not. its is incredibly disappointing for all Sunbury employees. However, by this decision, Sunbury`s management has effectively relieved us of the various legal constraints that apply to multi-company agreements. This means that we are now in a position to strengthen the fight and ensure that AAPA members in Sunbury get the result they deserve. In addition, a 12-year lump sum payment was made for the period prior to July 12, 2018. Improvements to the classification structure will also come into effect on July 12, 2018. The decision to withdraw from the multi-company agreement is not permanent; Sunbury Community Health will be able to re-enter the multi-purpose area in the next round of negotiations. The agreement provides for increases at the head of classes 1, 2 and 3 and includes the following increases: “New Community Health Convention” Physiotherapists maintain their Christmas break – Esso Longford Dispute – 596 days of walking and (again) counting. Action Alert! Radiation therapy under attack The VHIA will now prepare the necessary documents and submit them to the Fair Work Commission.

Once this has been done, VAHPA will be able to submit the documents required by the union. It is then a fair job to review the agreement; the agreement will come into force 7 days after approval and it is on that date that Community health employers would reimburse the salary increases. Salary increases are paid after Fair Work`s approval. That is why, far beyond our celebration of this victory, you will hear that we must #ChangeTheRules urgently. We are pleased to inform you that the vote on the multi-employer-allied health trades agreement has been successful. This means that all centres, with the exception of Sunbury Community Health, will be in this agreement. For more information on the sunbury Community Health campaign, see below. Sunbury Community Health management found that they did not wish to be included in the employer-mulit agreement during this cycle. You have negotiated at length and hard for this agreement; Make sure it`s more than a book on the shelf, but your toolbox to improve your workplace for you and your employees. Of course, we are already making progress in this area.

The first of the sunbury Community Health meetings took place on Friday, February 1.