Yhn Tenancy Agreement

Housing Advice Centre or Shelter North East can provide someone to make your lease with you if you need help. If you need repairs to your home, your landlord is usually responsible for the execution and payment of most repairs and maintenance. However, you should check your rental agreement if you are responsible for certain repairs. The good news is that more than 90% of the tenants who responded in response to the proposed changes, the Council approved the new tenancy agreement. We have worked with Newcastle City Council to make changes to the lease to better reflect the lives and priorities of tenants. Last summer, Newcastle City Council tenants received an “interim notice of amendment” and had the opportunity to tell us what they thought of the proposed amendments. Your feedback is also used to get information and help from tenants when registering and throughout the tenancy If you are a private tenant, it is likely that you have a secure short-term rental agreement. Your landlord does not have the automatic right to own the property until the fixed life expires. Does the landlord want a written notification at the end of the temporary period and they must be terminated at least two months in advance. If you had a fixed-term contract but it has expired, you have a legal exercise lease.

Your landlord must inform in writing for at least two months that he requires ownership of the property if he wants you to go. However, these communications are subject to specific rules and you should seek advice when a communication is published. You don`t have to leave after notice. We also take care of all aspects of your rental. That is why we have instructed Your Homes Newcastle, which also provide housing management services to Newcastle City Council, to provide a number of important services on our behalf. Your rental agreement is a legal contract that you sign if you rent a property at Newcastle City Council. It sets the terms for your lease and clearly states what you are responsible for and what the Council is responsible for. The listings will tell you the owner, location, size, rental and other functions of the property.

If so, a photo of the accommodation or similar type of home is provided and you can access information about the environment and facilities. The ad will also tell you if there are specific requirements that the applicant must meet, such as age requirements. B, groups that can offer ownership and priority given to property. It also tells you how many bedrooms applicants apply for the property must have. If your right to a room is different, you can no longer offer for that property once the deadline for offers has expired, a selection list of interested candidates has been established.